BSEn Additional Services provided by Aleut World Solutions (AWS) which integrates the capabilities and resources of three established small businesses familiar with government contracting. AWS is a melding of field services, transportation, remediation and engineering abilities, partnered to offer comprehensive remediation services to the Department of Defense and its contractors.

Some of the advantages with doing business with Aleut World Solutions, LLC (AWS) are it is majority owned by BSEn. BSEn is a graduate of the 8(a) Small Business Administration program and is an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC).


Below is just a few of the services we provide through Aleut World Solutions:

  • Low Level Radioactive Waste Assessment & Disposal
  • Waste Sorting, Segregation, Treatment, and Processing
  • Disposal Pathway Optimizations; Cost, Schedule,and Risk Analysis
  • Treatment Technology and Packaging Evaluation and Development
  • Onsite/Offsite Waste Processing, Packaging, and Shipment Manifesting
  • Marking, Labeling, and Placarding of Shipments
  • Specialty Equipment and Packaging for Oversize components
  • Construction (General, Environmental,and Specialty)
  • Highway, Rail and Air Transportation
  • Transport Security and Tracking
  • Classified and Sensitive Transport
  • Technical & Program Management Support Regulatory; state, local, federal
  • Environmental Assessments & Regulatory Audits
  • Information Management
  • System Improvement and Strategic Planning
  • Training, Development, Implementation and Management
  • Waste Certification
  • Unexploded Ordnance Services
  • Emergency Preparedness Training