Employee of the Year 2017

Timothy Ary- Computer Operator - Kadena AB, Japan

Job Performance

  • Exhibits true professionalism to ensure consistent customer satisfaction
  • Outstanding performer; enthusiastically accomplished Computer Display Operations for Mission Debriefs and assisted with more than 7,079 pod load configurations with zero deficiencies resulting in no late take offs caused by BSEn
    • Site maintained a 100% pod load efficiency rate for the entire period
  • Superstar—massaged schedule with squadron schedulers to expand patronage to the warfighters; results—supported a sortie increase of more than 85% compared to the original Workload Estimate!  Customers completely satisfied and better-trained
    • Accurately tracked data used to justify increased manning at the MOKKITs sites; awaiting outcome, expecting 4-personnel increase early in 2018 per PACAF
  • Cope North: Hand-picked to lead team at Andersen AB, Guam in support of:
    • USAF F-16’s (14FS and 18AGRS); F-15’s (67FS); B-1’s (9EBS); USN EA-18’s (VAQ135); USMC F-18’s (VMFA225); JASDF F-15J’s (304FS); F2’s (8FS); C-130’s (36AS & 401SQD); U-125’s (Fuchu ARW) and RAAF F-18’s (3SQDN).
    • Thirteen consecutive days of exercise, seven hundred and sixty-two (762) sorties supported with a 91% debrief effectiveness rate for all supported aircraft (9% deficit strictly attributed to aircraft issues)
    • Led charge to ensure all attending aircrew were fully knowledgeable of the correct way to tighten and lock down pod door...zero doors lost during high tempo exercise
    • Converted and merged RAAF and JASDF data files to ensure maximum availability of participants in post mission debrief displays--enhanced debrief effectiveness
    • Key player in converting and merging recorded GPS data from non-podded aircraft for expanded participant debrief capability; broader picture to improve SA to capture multi-platform and integration lessons learned
  • Highly effective in planning the mission support requirements and swiftly adjusted plans to accommodate short notice flying schedule changes—flexibility is the key to air power—ensured mission support was uninterrupted and of the highest caliber
    • Due to his dedication, Kadena AB set the standards for all MOKKITS sites in providing timely, precise data for consistent, accurate analysis
  • Cobra Gold: Supported Kunsans 80th Fighter Squadron during Cobra Gold 2017 at Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand. Provided operations support via UHF datalink programming of 80FS Data Transfer Devices (DTDs) for LIVE system tracking capability of seventy-four (74) USAF sorties for joint post-mission debriefs between the RTAF and USAF. Exercise deemed a success!
  • Cope Tiger:  Accompanied 44th Fighter Squadron in support of Cope Tiger missions at Korat, Thailand; provided operations support via UHF datalink programming of 44FS Data Transfer Devices (DTDs) for LIVE system tracking capability of one hundred and thirty-six (136) USAF sorties for coalition debriefs between the Royal Thai Air Force, Republic of Singapore Air Force and the United States Air Force—while operating at the tactical level, had ambassador level impact
  • Max Thunder:  Provided Max Thunder 2017 support at Kunsan AB, Korea.  Provided operations support for nine hundred and seventy-eight (978) coalition USAF, USN, USMC, and ROKAF sorties, as well as joint post-mission debriefs; instrumental in the set-up of an ICADS LIVE monitoring system for White Cell staff, allowing them to observe daily exercise flying scenarios real-time and influence training objectives for increased mission and training effectiveness
  • 44FS ATR:  Provided the 44th Fighter Squadron support of an Air Training Relocation deployment to Andersen AB, Guam, 24 April-5 May 2017. Supported two hundred sixty-six (266) sorties to include merge of data from 14 Republic of Singapore Air Force F-15SGs for post-mission debriefs—again, significant impacts to coalition fighting capabilities while building relationships!
  • Tsuiki ATR:  Provided support at Tsuiki AB during Aviation Training Relocation deployment of Misawa 13FS F-16s, providing operations support for twenty-eight (28) sorties, as well as joint post-mission debriefs
  • 120FS (Colorado ANG F-16s) Theater Security Package: Provided operations support during a 90-day deployment for three hundred sixty-nine (369) sorties, as well as joint post-mission debriefs—influenced training/orientation of CONUS unit to the Korean AOR for contingency planning and experience
  • USMC VMFA(AW)-242 DACT: Provided support during 2 VMFA-242 F/A-18D deployments to Kadena AB for LFEs with 18WG F-15s; also supported thirteen (13) F/A-18D sorties with data merge and post-mission debriefs—Joint Force lethality
  • USN VFA-27/VFA-102 DACT: Provided operations support for eighty-nine (89) USN F/A-18E and F/A-18F Super Hornet sorties, including pod support and merging data for post-mission debrief of joint USAF/USN missions—improved joint combat integration while continuing to support local operations
  • Superbly coordinated debrief operations supporting daily flying missions for all aircraft assigned to the 18WG’s 44FS and 67FS flying F-15s as well as visiting units to meet all CMR requirements while positively influencing warfighting capabilities
  •  838 post mission debriefs supported effectively for the 18WG pilot training needs
  • Expertly coordinated support of JASDF F-15s participating in Joint LFE exercises with the 18WG’s units
    • Provided operations support for 6 Large Force Engagement taskings throughout the year of forty-five (45) scheduled JASDF 204FS and 304FS F-15J sorties, merging data for post-mission debrief of joint USAF/Japan Air Self-Defense Force missions, enhancing US and Japan Air Forces defense training
      Self Improvement
    • Stepped out of his comfort zone to assist acting site manager/project manager upon departure of the incumbent—transition transparent to the pilots and PACAF!
    • Studied and prepared for different dynamics and computer requirements at his multitude of deployments with huge variety of joint and coalition warfighters—customers didn’t so much as recognize a hiccup as they were able to focus on honing their warfighting skills and trusting our staff to ensure interoperability—better prepared for the next fight!
    • Will acquire Security+ certification in 2018 to further-expand his horizons
    • Completed all on-line training requirements ahead of schedule