Employee of the Quarter
- 4th Qtr 2017

Gregory Rengert- Electronics Technician
Eglin AFB, FL


Job Performance

  • Tackled this new TSD position with zeal and a very acute sense detail and accuracy--A function Corporate has maintained since this division started in 2002, priced:
    • United Arab Emirates (UAE) ACC ACTS additional site--$3.2M effort
    • Air National Guard CRTC contract---$19M effort with 4 new sites
    • Tactical Data Link Manager position requirement (ACC ACTS)
    • SRI Porcupine Ridge Threat relocation effort (ECTS)
  • Continually provides quick turnaround on an extensive array of Deployment Cost Proposals for all TSD contracts-processed 75+ travel requests completed this quarter
  • Manages our DBA insurance requirements for all foreign Travel worldwide
  • Provides management tools for large scale deployments and activities to assist with Arrival, Departure and Billeting arrangements
  • Worked numerous contract additions the following some of which are pending award:
    • Radio Installation at Paxson (ACC ACTS) $700K
    • Lakenheath Raids Installation (ACC ACTS) $750K
    • JPARC DENRO card replacement for legacy system $125K
    • ACC and USAFE BOSS training for the ACC ACTS contract $25K
    • Seymour Johnson Digital Radio Management System upgrade $80K
    • Luke AFB Micro-wave and radio system upgrade $2.1M
  • Developed Billable Overtime Rates Tables for Tyndall, Langley, Luke and Holloman operations-provided immediate cost estimates and reduced approval time to hours
  • Developed the intercompany subcontractor calculator that allows immediate price checks
  • Actively assists the TSD-admin team for processing Timesheets, Travel Paperwork, or any other expense paperwork when the team gets flooded with last minute requests
  • In addition to her many pricing duties has recently taken on Paperwork administration of the CTTR contract that involves 40 employees at 5 sites a $2.1M effort
  • Manages travel for 34 locations located in 7 countries and 15 state---annual travel budget exceeds $1.9M for all 270 assigned employees and staff---a tremendous effort

Self Improvement

  • Voluntarily began to review all past pricing, as awarded to ensure we are prepared at option year awards we have correctly identified costs to support Equitable Adjustments
    • This includes 8 contracts already in-place
  • Completed Government Contracting and Pricing Course in Washington, DC-five-day course that covered contract administration and pricing functions for DoD contracts
  • Reviewing 8 Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) as associated with TSD