Employee of the Quarter
- 4th Qtr 2016

Carlos Martinez- Computer Operator
Shaw AFB, SC


Job Performance

  • Facilitated first-ever 20th FW combat exercise utilizing computer generated adversaries
    • Phenomenal effort enabling innovative first use of Constructive Adversary Air entities simultaneously with live 20th FW aircraft during week long Counter Air exercise!
    • Researching directly with software engineers, Carlos implemented three real time solutions increasing pilot combat training opportunities 30% and presented 100%accurate debrief mission results
  • Focused debrief effort enabled robust combat spin-up for deploying fighter squadron
    • Carlos adjusted his availability and delivered multiple debrief mission discs during the 79th fighter squadron deployment spin up allowing pilots to maximize the limited interactions and practice attacks with live combat controllers.
  • Supported over 50 aircraft from 4 bases during 9th AF's largest exercise, Razor Talon
    • Ensured 20th FW aircraft seamlessly integrated across 2 networks to create a fully accurate debrief cementing 4 x Air Force Wing's combat plans and tactics
  • Go to employee for 3x Distinguished Visitor events including the 9th Air Force/CC!
    • Events encouraged capability cross talks between 3rd Army and Air Forces Central Command pilots, intelligence professionals, and controllers.
    • Boasted the 20th FW "War Room's" unique capabilities during 9th AF CC's initial visit
  • Supported 1400 sorties with real-time Live Monitor and digital debrief capability
    • Enabled 70% and 33% increase in RTO and Live/Constructive utilization!
  • Completed Battlefield Operations Support System (BOSS) Software immersion training
    • Leveraged information gained to perform in-depth comparison between AFRL and BOSS capabilities to identify unrealized capability
    • Investigated more efficient uses of software to support 20 FW operations/exercises
  • Completed Introduction of Multi-Tactical Data Link Network Operations JT-101 course
    • Initiated plan to become a recognized Data Link Manager and Subject Matter Expert
    • Developing capability to augment 20th FW Link 16 Tactical Data Link Manager

Self Improvement

  • Created/Initiated Self-study program to prepare for Network Plus Certification evaluation
    • Progressing toward goal of gaining network construction and security expertise
  • Developed and executed family financial plan to build and retain sufficient resources
    • Instituted metrics to measure capital outflows for college expenses and ensure sufficient resources available in short and medium term
  • Purchased new Kayak for personal and family fitness program
    • Utilized new Kayak location to entice his family to exercise more in winter months