Employee of the Quarter
- 3rd Qtr 2017

Steven Russell - ACTS Computer Operator
Dyess AFB, TX


Job Performance

  • Led over five Distinguished Visitor (DV) tours for active duty military members from across the 7th Bomb Wing, 317th Airlift Wing, and the 57th Wing
    • Superb advocate of Air Combat Training Systems (ACTS), expertly provided in depth demonstrations to potential customers highlighting value added capabilities.
    • Bolstered local community’s interest in Tactical Data Link (TDL) integration cementing aircrew’s utilization desire for ACTS
  • Assumed Site Manager’s responsibilities during crucial stand-up operations
    • Provided oversight of equipment installation and integration by TARIF
    • Coordinated between numerous on-and-off base agencies to ensure communication, radar and data feeds were identified and approved
  • Repetitively troubleshot malfunctioning Keyboard, Video, and Mouse (KVM) switches.
    • Meticulously diagnosed malfunctioning components crippling utilization of ACTS operator consoles and identified three defective modules
    • Swiftly coordinated replacement components through outside and on base organizations to boost consoles to a 93 percent operational rate
  • Crushed Joint Interoperability Division’s Link Unit Manager (Joint Training – 220)
    • Augmented Dyess Wing Ling Manager’s (LUM) support capability with vital experience, knowledge, and maintenance ability of TDLs within LOC
    • Lauded as an “invaluable benefit to the maintenance and operation of the TDLs within the Link Operation Center” by the Dyess Wing Link Manager
  • Mastered Radiant Mercury (RM) audit administrator training course, vaulting Link Operation Center (LOC) to regulatory compliance
    • Enabled installation and operation of key ACTS Live Monitoring (LM) component ensuring critical capabilities for current and future customer ops
  • Accomplished Battlefield Operations Support System (BOSS) training and installation
    • Employed expertise gained to enable troubleshooting of ACTS during IOC phase, bolstering BSEt and active duty personnel’s system knowledge
  • Shouldered mentorship of new hire on plans, processes, and Air Combat Training Systems
    • Launched employee’s required training to 70 percent and completed A+ certification preparation within three weeks of employment
  • Self-Improvement

    • Invested in new equipment for family health and fitness plan.
      • Utilized outdoor equipment acquisitions to entice family into cardio activities intent on reducing dependence on electronic media for entertainment
    • Completed COMP TIA A+ preparatory requirements, on schedule for Nov certification