Employee of the Quarter
- 2nd Qtr 2016

Corey Jones - Computer Operator/Debriefer
Kunsan AB, ROK


Job Performance

  • Exhibits true professionalism to ensure continual customer satisfaction
  • Outstanding performer; enthusiastically accomplished Site Management, Computer Display Operations for Mission Debriefs and assisted with more than 2,498 pod load configurations with zero deficiencies resulting in no late take offs caused by BSEn
    • Site maintained a 100% pod load efficiency rate for the entire period
  • Hand-picked to lead team for Max Thunder at Kunsan AB, Korea in support of:
    • ROKAF 8 F-15K's (1 IFW); 3 F-15K's (29GP); 3 F-4E's (29GP); 4 F-5E's (29TG); 2 FA-50's (8FW); 2 FA-50's (16FW); 18 F-16's (19FW, 20FW, 38GP, 39GP); USAF 16 F-16's (51FW); 20 F-16's (8FW); USN 6 EF-18's (VAQ132), & USMC 6 AV-8's (VMA311)
    • Eleven consecutive days of exercise, 978 sorties supported with a 90% debrief effectiveness rate for all supported aircraft (10% attributed to aircraft issues)
    • Led charge to ensure all attending aircrew are fully knowledgeable of the correct way to tighten and lock down pod door.. .zero doors lost during high tempo exercise
    • Provided effective planning for inbound pod shipments prior to exercise start and ensured all pods were effectively processed for return shipments to home units
  • Our most challenging MOKKITS location as it is a "remote" meaning new aircrew
    • Most aircrew are fresh from an Fighter Training Unit (FTU) which means they are not familiar with Air Combat Training Systems, and in particular not MOKKITS
    • If there is going to be an aircrew error or mistake, remote sites are most prone
  • Highly effective in planning the mission support requirements and swiftly adjusts plans to accommodate short notice flying schedule changes ensuring mission support is unfaltered
    • Due to his dedication Kunsan AB maintains the highest standards for all MOKKITS data providing a means of accurate current data analysis
  • Superbly coordinated debrief operations supporting daily flying missions for all aircraft assigned to the 8FW's 35FS and 80FS flying F-16s
    • 273 post mission debriefs supported effectively for the 8FW pilot training goals
  • Expertly coordinated support of ROKAF F-16s participating in Buddy Wing exercises with the 8FWs units
    • Maintained a 100% effectiveness rating of joint post mission debriefs enhancing US and Korea Air Forces defense training of the Korean peninsula
  • Worked closely with the Mission Schedulers in both squadrons
    • Ensured all daily customer requirements were supported with mission parameter programmed DTDs prior to mission step
  • Coordinated the replacement of mission debrief support computers in both squadrons
    • Outdated assets replaced ahead of schedule with no impact to daily mission support
    • Additional computer systems installed thus enhancing aircrew debrief capability
  • Self Improvement

  • Completed all on-line training requirements ahead of schedule