Employee of the Quarter
- 2nd Qtr 2016

Megan Read- Computer Systems Analyst
Eielson AFB, AK


Job Performance

  • Consummate professional; recognized as the “Top Performer” by the 353CTS/CC
    • Provides computer administration duties for the entire Red Flag facilities
    • Performs CyberSecurity Liaison (CSL)/Information Assurance Officer (IAO) over two different networks (ION and NIPR) duties supporting all Red Flag Alaska participants
  • During Northern Edge 2017—PACAF’s largest biennial US only exercise
    • Sustained 37 deployed units operating from Joint Base Elmendorf/Richardson (JBER); 23 units operating from Eielson AFB and 5 units flying from home stations
    • Result,:163 Aircraft, 1,740 successful sorties with 107 AC and 1054 sorties at JBER, 56 AC and 686 sorties from Eielson AFB over a 2 week flying window
  • During Red Flag-Alaska 17-2 supported participants from Japan, South Korea, Denmark, Thailand and the UK along with 14 units from the USAF, Marines, Navy and Army
    • Ensured that over 500 exercise participants had submitted the correct paperwork prior to their arrival, allowing access to computers and networks
    • Determined networking requirements for each deploying unit and responded to requests within guidelines set by security standards—no one does it better!
    • Created 250+ ION accounts for multinational visitors to meet security requirements
    • Daily addressed all ION account or networking issues that participants encountered
    • Deployed 118 new NIPR computers and associated equipment to meet this challenge
    • 1,827 deployed personnel, 1,576 permanent party, 129 AC and 1,342 sorties supported
  • Completed the bi-annual inventory of 865 computers in bldgs. 1140, 1141, 1151 & 1300
  • Handpicked to work with the JPARC Cybersecurity Manager for network accreditation
    • USAF let system updates lapse which imperiled 353CTS system accreditation
    • Working almost around the clock to ensure sequential updates are pushed, provides 60 daily scans and fully documents all actions to ensure JPARC network compliance
    • Actions were praised by ISSO Manager and deemed critical to system compliance
  • Absolute first choice to attend GTRI lab located in Phoenix, AZ—lauded by instructors
    • Gain critical knowledge and information prior to the scheduled tech refresh in May
    • Ensured a smooth installation on a very, very tight timeline
    • Inventory, relocation and installation of over 55 different system was successfully accomplished over a weekend while a Distant Frontier exercise was in progress
  • In preparation of the tech refresh she also built the new ACAS scanners for the network


  • She completed and received her Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS) Operator and Supervisor Course certification in San Diego, CA.